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Interview Season


Fond memories of the summer season linger distantly in our minds as we prepare to take on the familiar busyness that the onset of Autumn seems to bring with it every year. The pace of life as we know it has inevitably shifted from slow to swamped in the blink of an eye, and it seems like just yesterday we were able to put our work-related obligations on the back-burner (at least for a little bit!). Ready or not, fall is in full swing and has subsequently ushered in the beginning of another time of year notorious to college students and graduates alike—the infamous “interview season”. 


While the thought of securing your dream summer job or internship almost a year in advance can be daunting, picking out a foolproof outfit to wear doesn’t have to be. The way that you choose to dress for an interview impacts both the way that you feel and the way that your interviewer perceives you. If you feel confident and comfortable in what you’ve chosen to wear, your interviewer will sense it, and it will not go unnoticed. Taking the time to curate an outfit that is appropriate for the position you are applying for also shows off your attentiveness to detail and your consideration for the workplace culture. Sporting a tasteful suit will surely help you set the tone for the successful season of interviewing that you’ve been working so hard to prepare for. Your impressive qualifications and sharp interpersonal skills have carried you this far, but it can never hurt to sharpen up your wardrobe choices to make the lasting first impression that’ll be sure to get you to the next round. 

We’ve compiled three versatile interview looks below that’ll help you navigate interview season flawlessly:


Look 1: The Wolf of Wall Street

Ledbury shirt 
Oliver Spencer tie 
Anderson belt
Theory suit
To Boot Forley shoes 


    It is crucial that you arrive to your interview in a getup that reflects your awareness of the office’s general culture and attitude. For interviews at companies known for their professionalism, like an investment banking firm or a law office, aim for a crisp and clean suit, like the one from Theory pictured above. Pair the suit with a solid-colored button-down shirt as not to distract from your sleekness. Top off this business-like look with simple accessories that show off how polished you are: consider an Anderson belt or Oliver Spencer tie. 

    Look 2: The Startup Guru

    Theory suit 
    Blue Industry shirt 
    To Boot Knox sneaker 


      If your interview is somewhere that is known for being a bit more casual; this is the look for you. This light grey Theory suit is perfect if you’re interviewing at a creative company with a laidback work culture. Spice the look up a bit and show some of your personality with a Blue Industry patterned shirt. Lastly, throw on some of these To Boot sneakers and you’ll immediately come off as easy-going and stylish (your feet will also thank you for the comfort). 

      Look 3: The In-Between

      Rag and Bone Razor suit 
      S.K.U. shirt
      Anderson belt 
      To Boot Forley shoes 

        This look is perfectly suited (literally) for an interview pretty much anywhere. The dark Rag & Bone Razor suit is versatile in the sense that it exudes professionalism without overdoing it. Throw on an S.K.U. shirt matched with the Anderson belt to feel confident while maintaining comfort. This sharp look is a perfect classic for any interview you may have on your calendar.