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The Ideal Saturday in C’ville

Fall game days at UVA are the best kind of days—the air is crisp, students are out and about, and Grounds simply radiates with the energy of the Hoos’ most dedicated fans. The game this Saturday, October 19, is one of the biggest games of the UVA football season. Tons of fans and parents of students will make the trek down to Charlottesville to see UVA face off against Duke. If you’re coming down to Charlottesville for the game this Saturday, consider making an entire day out of it. Kickoff isn’t until 3:30 P.M., so there is plenty of time to explore what Charlottesville has to offer both before and after the game. Here are some tips on how to make your short stay in Charlottesville the ideal Saturday. 

One of the most popular Saturday activities in Charlottesville is going to wineries. Big groups of friends and family trickle in to experience the relaxation of sipping a high-quality glass of wine while enjoying the beautiful vineyard views. Most of the wineries open around 11 A.M., which makes them a perfect pre-game destination (and a great place for taking pictures!). Whether you choose to visit one or many, each winery has a unique experience and location to offer. 


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We’ve put together a list of three of Charlottesville’s must-see wineries:

Pippin Hill Farm & Vineyards: Located no more than 20 minutes from Grounds, Pippin Hill is the perfect place to go if you are staying at or near UVA. If you want to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor seating area, arrive around 11 A.M. (right when they open) in order to secure your rocking chair. They offer a great lunch menu, and also occasionally feature cooking classes and workshops.



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Early Mountain Vineyards: Situated a bit further from UVA, Early Mountain Vineyard is the perfect place to stop by on your way into town on Saturday morning. They have a very nice Small Plates menu, so you can experience a hearty lunch along with a morning wine tasting. Coincidentally, this Sunday, October 20th, is their Fall Oyster Festival. They’ll offer live music along with delicious oysters, so you may consider stopping by on your way home on Sunday!


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Septenary Winery at Seven Oaks Farm: This winery is also very close to Grounds, making it a convenient stop on your tour. The combination of their vineyard and farm makes Seven Oaks a particularly picturesque location. Be sure to make a reservation if your party is more than 6. 


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