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The Spots in Cville
Charlottesville consistently proves itself to be the place that has it all. Whether it be breweries, wineries, mountainous views or apple orchards, our charming hometown never disappoints. Not to mention, Charlottesville’s restaurant scene has gradually developed into a foodie’s paradise—the impressive array of restaurants has visitors from near and far flocking to town for an unmatched culinary experience. The food scene is unique because it offers such a wide variety of options featuring something for every type of diner. We’ve put together a list of a few restaurants that always seem to come up when somebody asks, “where should I grab a bite?”(along with a corresponding style guide). From date night to your mother’s birthday dinner, these popular spots will satisfy both you and your appetite.

What To Wear 

Look 1 (wear to more casual places like Blue Moon Diner or The Fitzroy): For a casual yet sophisticated look, try this Vince suede jacket paired with some AG tellis jeans and a Rag & Bone Tomlin Oxford shirt. Top off the look with To Boot’s Pacer sneakers. 

The Fitzroy
Located right here on the downtown mall, The Fitzroy takes your classic comfort food and adds a lil’ something extra to it. If you like high-quality food mixed with a relaxed bar atmosphere, make your way over to The Fitzroy. This is a perfect place to eat on a casual night out with friends or family. They do take reservations, so consider calling ahead to ensure that you have a spot when you arrive. Menu highlights: soft baked pretzel, Shrimp Po’Boy, fried chicken, thick cut bacon, broiled mac and cheese, skillet cookie with ice cream



What To Wear
Look 2 (perfect for Brasserie Saison or Lampo): 

Try on these To Boot Chelsea boots for a classic autumn look. Fend off the crisp evening breeze with this Blue Industry jacket and these Rag & Bone Fit 2 chinos


Brasserie Saison

Embark on a quick journey to Europe for the evening by visiting Brasserie Saison on East Main Street. Featuring a cuisine inspired by Belgian and Dutch dishes, Brasserie Saison is a place that promises a special night out. There are not one, but four dining rooms to choose from, one is even called the “Library Room”. Menu highlights: Beef Carbonnade (Brasserie Dubbel, Roasted Seasonal Vegetables, and Garlic Bread Crumbs), Steak Frites, Autumn Risotto, Steamed Mussels, Buttered Popcorn Pudding with lime and creme fraiche



What To Wear 
Look 3 (suitable for any restaurant): 
Consider sporting some edgy sneakers, such as these To Boot Pacer Sneakers. Dress it up the perfect amount with these Rag & Bone Fit 1 black jeans along with this Oliver Spencer tab shirt. If you’re feeling a bit more dressy, include this Bonobos cardigan blazer to compliment your style. 

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