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Virginia Outdoorsman

Virginia Outdoorsman 

We can all remember a time when we have had family or friends in town, but we have no idea what to do with them. There are only so many restaurants to go to, so many movies to see, and so many stores to peruse. It can be tough to think of an activity that is both accessible and enjoyable for big groups of people with varying ages. With the holiday season peeking right around the corner, many of us will soon take on the role of the gracious host. As you prepare to welcome in your out of town visitors, start thinking about what you may want to do with them. If you need an idea for something different and fun to do, consider trying out skeet shooting for the day! Skeet shooting is a perfect fall outdoor group activity that your loved ones are sure to have fun with.
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Rag & Bone Chino 
Timex Standard 40 Watch
Dressing for skeet shooting is part of the fun. The activity doesn’t require any special clothing, but it’s always exciting to dress up for a special day out. To shield yourself from the crisp autumn air, try this Rag & Bone Jacket or Bonobos Shirt Jacket paired with some chinos. As with any outdoor activity, boots are always a foolproof choice of footwear. Consider slipping on these Blundstone boots for your adventure. Any good outdoorsman is always prepared for the unexpected—bring along these classic Grateful Dead gloves to keep your fingers warm if it’s chillier than expected.
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Rag & Bone Chino 
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