Product Details:
Color: Black Graphite
Materials: ABS Thermoplastic, Stainless Steel, S1 hardened blades, magnets.
Measurements: 1 ½” Diameter x 4 ¾” Long

  • Lifetime warranty, to be passed down for generations.
  • Design Strategy, to inspire both male and female users.
  • Insider Secret, we included the two (2) hex key tips to assemble IKEA and other flat pack furniture.
  • Form and Function, clean and approachable shape to fit hands large and small.
  • Handle Construction: ABS thermoplastic polymer, offering outstanding aesthetics, toughness, high temperature and impact resistance.
  • Finish: textured handle for non-slip and easy cleaning while maintaining its contemporary look.
  • Connector Construction: bright high polished stainless steel that won’t chip, peel or tarnish.
  • Blade ends: Philips 1 & 2, Robertson 1 & 2, Flat 4mm & 5.5mm, Allen Key 4mm & 5mm.
  • A tool designed to look great in the Kitchen or Office, not buried in a toolbox.